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Design Style Samples

The design style samples represent ideas for the look/feel of the design. The website created will be a unique design that is informed by general features of the styles represented. The proposed design is modern with flat buttons/graphics (no drop shadows, 3D effects, etc.), is image-heavy, and makes use of large fonts for easy reading.

Amy’s Favorites



Color Palette Concepts

The first four swatches represent the main palette, with the fifth swatch representing the accent color (for links, buttons, CTA, etc.)

Concept A


Concept B


Concept C

(Amy doesn’t like yellow)


Font Samples

Headings: “Crimson Text”

Body font: “Crimson Text”

This is the font from tiffanysbeachproperties.com

Headings: “Crimson Text”

Body font: “Raleway”

The fonts on seaisland.com are licensed (and expensive!), but the two fonts above are close matches.

Other Possible Font Selections

All FREE unless otherwise noted. Can test as desired on development site.


$14 for web font license, up to 10k page views per month


$14 for web font license, up to 10k page views per month

Logo Design Samples

Amy’s Favorite